The influence of carbogen breathing procedures

3 years ago

Carbogen acts as an effective physiological stimulator of respiration.
Many studies have shown that inhalation of a mixture of carbogen with 5% carbon dioxide increases oxygen utilization under normal and hypoxic conditions.

Today, carbogen with a low content of carbon dioxide (5-7%) is used not only for medical purposes: for the treatment of altitude sickness, carbon monoxide poisoning, glaucoma, stress, for hearing restoration after exposure to noise, and in some cases for improving the blood supply to tumors during chemotherapy and drug therapy. Also, it became widespread in sports and increased physical exertion as the main practical effect is vasodilation and an increase in oxygen consumption. Thus, improving the oxygen supply to all cells of the body. Including muscle tissue, where oxygen is primarily required to obtain energy for sufficient muscle work.

An important indicator of the use of carbogen for respiration is its proven beneficial effect on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. which have the following roles:

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However, even though carbogen is widely used in medicine and sports, this mixture will be useful:

  • For pregnant women: to reduce the risk of latent fetal hypoxia
  • For the elderly and sedentary people: because insufficient ventilation in the lungs, poor blood circulation leads to vasoconstriction and poor oxygen delivery to the tissues. And this will affect the health of all organs and mental state (poor sleep, irritability, drowsiness, chronic fatigue and susceptibility to frequent illnesses)
  • For office workers: to improve brain function, relieve stress, reduce the intensity of headaches due to lack of oxygen and low mobility during sedentary work, as well as normalize metabolism, and reduce morbidity.
  • For people with bad habits: smoking or drinking alcohol significantly decreases the amount of oxygen in the blood, and the body is in a hypoxic state (oxygen starvation), which negatively affects all organs. Breathing with carbogen will not only help relieve the hypoxic state, but the increased oxygen content will replace harmful and toxic substances in the blood, thereby purifying it.

Safe breathing time for carbogen containing 5-7% carbon dioxide: 2-4 minutes. No more than 3 times a day.

With short-term procedures for breathing with a mixture of carbogen, one can breathe daily, which will also manifest itself in the form of a positive cumulative effect: improving general well-being, strengthening immunity, increasing a positive mood, reducing the frequency of headaches and their intensity, improving sleep and much more, because the work of the body will gradually return to normal.


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