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Last month the team at ASMG was co-hosting a two-day online international conference on the use of medical gases. Now you get a chance to access some of the private materials as an absolute freebie to your email.

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Why Hybrid Model Is a Powerful New Direction for Conferences

Why Hybrid Model Is a Powerful New Direction for Conferences

In-person delegates at last months’s conference praised the smaller, innovative event with cutting-edge safety measures while virtual attendees lauded the energy that comes with tuning into a real event with interactive sessions allowing their voices to be heard.

To give virtual attendees an analogous experience, conference moderator Anastasia Hatkevich, carboxy therapy pioneer and ASMG board member, hosted twice-daily, interactive sessions over Zoom, allowing virtual attendees from Japan to Los Ney York to participate in the brainstorming in their own time zones.

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ASMG at The Conference

ASMG at The Conference

Dr. Artamonov, President of the American Society of Medical Gases, discussed the importance of  the autohemomyelotherapy and participated as a chairperson at the round table: Covid 19. Truth and Doubt. Treatment. Supposed mechanisms.

About the CBAMG

International Medical Congress “Clinical and Biological Aspects of the use of Medical Gases” (CBAMG) hosted by the Northwest Association of Physicians and Medical Organizations Using Medical Gases was held online on November 20-21 for the first time ever. It had rapidly grown attention from the leaders in the medical gas industry. 

The Leading Conference On The Business of Medical Gas Therapy

The Leading Conference On The Business of Medical Gas Therapy

Committed to ensuring that the conference delivered on the business connections that are the hallmark of every Summit (and result in real deals), the ASMG created a unique “reverse pitch” presentation, where top sponsors had two minutes each to tell the in-person and virtual attendees what they are looking for in terms of investments. All attendees were then invited to send their business plans to appropriate investors.

In addition, in-person delegates spent afternoons in breakout sessions collaborating on how to “reset the world using therapy approaches of medical gases” and debating the future of diverse medical markets. 

Numerous delegates reported that the lower cost ($450) for virtual access meant they were able to attend it wisely.

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