Effects of Hydrogen therapy

3 years ago

According to Nature Medicine’s publication, almost 90% of diseases are caused by the presence of free radicals and oxidants in our bodies. This leads to known health problems such as metabolic disorders, premature aging, exacerbation of diseases including chronic ones. In the frantic rhythm of a metropolis, it becomes more difficult to maintain your health.

To date, more than 1,500 researches on the effect of hydrogen water on the human body have been published around the world in China, Japan, Korea, Germany, the USA, Mexico, Slovakia, and Serbia.
Molecular hydrogen is a tasteless, odorless gas. Therefore, water saturated with hydrogen also does not have any odor. As scientific experiments have proven, the hydrogen molecule has a high biochemical potential.

What positive effects does hydrogen have?

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According to studies, more than 30% of the Japanese population and more than 20% of the South Korean population regularly use hydrogen water. It was thanks to these countries that hydrogen therapy began to be applied throughout the world. And we are pleased that ASMG members are pioneers in the development of hydrogen therapy and a wellness approach to improving the quality of life with hydrogen water in the U.S.

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